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My name is David Rodriguez, and I’m a Senior Drupal Developer nowadays working at FFW Agency as Drupal Developer and I’m very focused in projects based on Drupal, I have been involved in this technology for more than ten years. I like the collaborative culture of the Open Source Software and its philosophy, and I’m a Linux user (Debian / Ubuntu mainly). I’m and Open Source software contributor (see my Drupal.org profile drupal.org/u/davidjguru), Senior Drupal Developer and Drupal trainer/speaker. Here in my speakerdeck profile you can see some slides from sessions related with Drupal (many of these in Spanish): speakerdeck.com/davidjguru. I usually give talks, sessions and workshops periodically. See here in my sketchbook for more info about me and funny images from my childhood: https://davidjguru.github.io/me.

My career has been closely related to the development of projects for different public administrations (local, regional, national and international). I have made with Drupal corporate websites, internal management tools, intranets and various communication channels for contact between governments and the people. You can see some references in my Linkedin profile: linkedin.com/in/davidjguru/ and in my Github profile.

In this website, which I have titled as one of my favorite Jazz songs, you can find content related to Drupal. You can read more content written by me on other sites, like:

And many others guides, tutorials and articles about Drupal and its stack, published in spanish or english:

I hope you find it useful.

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